Webinar – June 26th, 2015

Sketchnoting For Experiential Learners

In this live webinar class we dug a bit deeper into the ideas shared in the latest episode of Verbal To Visual Video – Sketchnoting For Experiential Learners.

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Notes & Links


Hello and welcome, plus an overview of the plan for the day!


I’m leaning toward releasing a new module at the beginning of each month, as opposed to the current schedule of one new video lesson each week. If you’ve got any comments/questions/suggestions related to that potential new schedule, shoot me an email and let me know!


Some fun examples from Challenge #7: Group Think. Got an idea you’re having trouble visualizing? This challenge is here to help you out! Thanks Jan and Melaine for getting the ball rolling on that one!


I’ve been reading Todd Henry‘s book The Accidental Creative (which I’m really enjoying), and I share a quote from that book that sets the stage well for the day’s conversation:

“The goal of study is not simply to absorb a lot of new information. You want to process and assimilate it, then apply it to your life and work. If you don’t cultivate insights from what you take in, then the value of stimuli in your life decreases dramatically. Taking good notes on your observations, insights, and experiences with a reliable thought-capture system prevents them from disappearing into the ether.” – Todd Henry


In this webinar we build off of Lesson 6.2: Learning Environments & Processes, so I give a brief overview of that lesson and how it led to the new episode below!


I share an overview of the latest episode of Verbal To Visual Video: Sketchnoting For Experiential Learners.


Time to get your perspective! Question #1: What experiences in your life would you like to be more intentional about learning from?


Question #2: How might you use the tools of visual note-taking to help you better document and learn from those experiences?


A common theme from this webinar was keeping a visual journal throughout the day to capture some of your experiences, interactions, and observations.


Joy shares how she might use a visual journal to capture some of her travel experiences, and we discuss the distinct roles that travel photography could play (more as a art form) compared to her visual journal (more of a tool for documentation).


Melaine talks about her goal of learning something new every day, and how a visual journal can be a good place to capture those things that you learn on a daily basis.


I share a travel journal that I kept during a month-long road trip around the western U.S., and how the constraint of one drawing per day worked really well for me.


Raven shares some of her illustrations, and talks about her desire to build in more of a verbal component to those sketches to add context and details that you don’t get from the visuals. We also talk about The Sketchbook Project (very cool).


Conversations with others are a great opportunity to practice your sketchnoting. Depending on the nature of that conversation, you could do that visualizing in the moment (which could add to the conversation!) or wait and sketch it out after the fact.


A closing note: I encourage you to use visual journaling as a personal playground – have some fun and experiment with different ways of capturing ideas and experiences in a low pressure way.

For a bit of inspiration, here’s Austin Kleon on keeping a visual logbook, and here are my first experiments with it.

Good luck, and have fun!

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