• Hi Guys
    Some more work with Procreate video export The Pro is the speed of graphic capture – a differentiator I’m working on. The Con is the post processing manipulation to produce the animated whiteboard, Something I have not yet got quite right:

  • Hi Laurens That is an output from Procreate into iMovie for postprocessing gives you slowmo, freeze frames, Zoom – & lots more…. @dianasoriat introduced me to this idea a couple weeks ago. Initially I struggled with iMovie, but I’m getting better at it, see this one: https://youtu.be/iVn3cDUBFPQ

    Let’s share…

  • Hi Laurens
    I just found a way of zooming the Procreate output. Have a look at this one – same as yesterday’s but with zooms.
    Still a way to go to perfect this, but I think this is going to be great for quick bites of meetings, workshops etc recordings I’ll lay out my workflow for VS in another post – it is all digital, creating the svg’s in Concepts…Read More

  • Thanks Mel – I agree this is an excellent visual guide. Rob is quite a master with Procreate, and it’s video output has a lot of potential

  • Hi Laurens I agree with you re: Videoscribe and that is my No 1. But the time element is an issue. I have been working on ways of reducing this, and the whole VS workflow. What do you use to produce your svg’s?
    I see Procreate as a way of producing quick bite of meetings discussions etc
    kind regards

  • Hi Laurens you mentioned Procreate as your favourite app. Have you tried the video export? – I am still experimenting, and this could be a faster way of producing animated whiteboards https://youtu.be/xdMgeVp9CDM

  • Hi Laurens
    Great Videoscribe! I’m too lazy to go through that post production, but it’s certainly effective. One thing I’m struggling with using Concepts export to SVG is acceptable shadow effects. You create them so well with your process
    kind rgds

  • Hi Tam
    One app I am getting to like very much is Concepts. This allows me to save in a number of file formats – including svg. So I draw once and output different images in different formats. I am moving into animated whiteboards a lot. I belong to BNI – Business Network International, and as an Education Coordinator I am required to do a short presentation every week. I find the…Read More

  • Hi Tam
    Sincere apologies for using Jargon & acronyms. Hopefully Mel has answered the svg question
    I too am learning all the time, and see one of the huge benefits from this Forum is that we can teach each other and learn together. I have been producing sketchnotes, but also animated videos, for some time, and have learnt that if you want to do that efficiently you need an app that has…Read More

  • I think WorkVisual is the better app for live work, as it is designed by an expert in this field – Holger Nils Pohl. Go to http://bit.ly/1rTbBn1 to see some of his work. The lack of Lasso tool is limiting, but I’m sure this will come in future releases
    I have started to use Concepts app more for my offline work, as I can convert the sketches to svg for animated whiteboarding via…Read More

  • Hi Laurens thank you for sharing this. Our work flows are very similar. I agree with you about the superior presentation performance of WorkVisual, but how do you cope with the lack of a lasso tool when you are live. I’m using ‘open another layer’ and then transforming that layer to resize my sketch and then merging back to the Draw Layer. Do you think this is the best option?
    I’m…Read More

  • Hi Tam I haven’t participated much in Doug’s live sessions due to time difference to South Africa. However, I’m quite keen to use this forum to exchange ideas and experiences on digital facilitations as digital is my preferred method. I use iPad’s, and the iPad Pro plus Apple Pencil is a game changer. I did my first live digital session recently using the iPad Pro, but opted to use…Read More

  • Hi Melanie I also use many apps on the iPad, and a favourite for live graphic facilitation is WorkVisual. It’s developed by a pro for pro’s. My only problem is the lack of a lasso & copy and paste of individual elements of sketches. I would love to exchange ideas and experience with you of how you cope with this regards Colin

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