• I feel stuck. I’m struggling with making videos. I can’t figure out how to draw without having my left hand showing in the video (I’m right handed).

    How do you capture video with the right lighting. I always seem to have a shadow someplace.

    What size paper would make the most sense to use? I typically draw on 8 x 11.

    And the whole iPhone thing – how to get the correct layout portrait…Read More

  • Raven, that’s just it — “I don’t know”. My nature is to want to keep things clean which means that when a live meeting ends suddenly and I realize “Holy cow, I still have a half page to fill” I feel panicky. It feels like an “OH NO!” moment.

    I’ve been invited to record weekly leadership meetings at a big company. The meetings are typically divided into three areas of content, so I…Read More

  • NDye, though you intended these notes for Raven, I’m going to borrow them. Thanks for some very clear guidance. I’m beginning to find some traction by placing my SNotes publicly, I’d love for it to happen faster. I believe you may have provided just the information I need.

    Raven, how about you? Will this help you, too?

  • The “talk to your biz” sketches is from a webinar I was listening to. Here are a few pages for you. I find I struggle when I don’t know how much information will be presented. It’s hard to divide up the paper… Does anyone here have solutions or is a more random style okay when you don’t know what to expect?

    Sorry that I cut off some of the sketches. I had my scanner set incorrectly.

  • Here’s a fun sketchnote about the Virgo horoscope. One of my current favorite practices is to read or watch videos about the upcoming astrological events and then interpret them with my style.


  • Thanks for your positive feedback, Paul. I still have so much to learn!

  • Here’s my profile sketch for the yearbook. This was a fun little challenge. I hope it helps everyone know a little more about me.

  • Today I thought I’d share an example of a client session and a drawing of a video I’m working on making for a client. I’m in process of determining color. The client has accepted the drawing and working on her voice over now.

    I’m on Lesson 1.2 video 3 of Doug’s How to Make Sketchnote Videos and so far, so good. I’m using my instagram account to capture drawings there until I hear from…Read More

  • Holy cow! That would be one reason for me to purchase a microwave. LOL. I assume with no microwave that is a tool I couldn’t use??

  • Jill, reviewing #19 I see an interesting blend of text and sketching. I like the way you outline your ideas with a single line of color. I picked up especially on the two arrows that form a continuance. Very nice! I find topics like this a real challenge, but one I enjoy. Good for you!!



  • @Raven

    Thank you for the input. I’m really enjoying watching you develop your business as I develop my own. You’re absolutely right in that we should probably not be reinventing ourselves for clients. They pick us because of our style.

    I’ll certainly let you know how this goes as I move forward.

    I wonder what others here think on this subject.

  • Here’s the next thing people want to pay me for: A finished hand drawn info-graphic.

    Is it smart to use the $100 an hour price as a bare minimum?

    Example: One gentleman who speaks regularly to large groups often uses analogy. He would like to give me some of his quotes and turn those into visuals. If he gives me “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and I am going to sketch that…Read More

  • Awesome resource! Thank you for sharing that article. I bookmarked that page.

  • I spent about 3 hours trying to set up to do a video of a drawing. It was a disaster. I’m looking forward to your video about setting up to do this. I think I discovered my paper is too big and/or is not the same size as what you see in the viewfinder. If nothing else it was an exercise in patience. *sigh

    My question or comment would be about how much desk to show or not show. I saw…Read More

  • I wasn’t sure which forum to put this under so I chose analog since that’s how I currently work.

    I’m curious about the topic of visual vocabularies. What sort of management system or library do you keep?

    I want to build a visual vocab for my genre (personal development) but don’t know if I should be doing this in a bound notebook, on individual sheets of paper, or maybe index cards. I…Read More

  • I really like the idea of a profile with a few sketches. I think it will be interesting to see the growth.

    Forum threads that have lots of content relative to sketchnotes will have high value for referencing.

  • Doug et al

    Something else popped into my head: I have no clue about contracts or how to write one. I’m going to begin doing some research in this area but I don’t know if anyone here might have thoughts on this.

    Important clauses….

    Who owns rights to drawings….

  • V 2 V Family —

    Since taking up sketch noting /graphic recording as my thing it has E.X.P.L.O.D.E.D. my life.

    Um, excuse me, this is a thing I can get paid for? I’ve always done this and I can get paid? Okay, great.

    I’m literally getting multiple offers for work and I actually have a part time job, too. I can see that I won’t be at my part time job much longer.

    As a passionate…Read More

  • Raven – whhooooo hooo!! I’m so impressed with you. I love following your log here. You are raw and real and I appreciate learning beside you.

  • Your Gary Vee note is great. I like that you put all of the concepts in boxes. It was easy to follow.

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