• Here’s the text from today’s chat – thanks everyone!

    Melaine D’Cruze 12:01 PM
    hello everyone

    Melanie Grimm 12:01 PM
    i don’t have sound at the moment
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    Melaine D’Cruze 12:03 PM
    oh….so good
    louisa is my best friend. we been besties since 1st grade :_
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  • Here’s the text chat from Friday’s workshop:

    Melanie Grimm 12:04 PM
    oh I need some feedback for the yearbook

    Matteo Becchi 12:04 PM
    I have a studio piece to share

    Ana Maravic 12:04 PM
    I sthere a chance to extend a deadline a litlle bit ? 🙂

    Miranda Morris 12:05 PM

    Ana Maravic 12:05 PM
    Great 🙂
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    Matteo Becchi 12:06 PM
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  • The text from today’s chat:

    Text chat from today:

    Matteo Becchi
    12:05 PM
    Hello hello 🙂

    Ana Maravic
    12:05 PM
    @Matteo have you done your project? 🙂

    Matteo Becchi
    12:06 PM
    Hey Ana …. some yes … work in progress. You?

    Ana Maravic
    12:06 PM
    I didn’t promise anything 😉

    Matteo Becchi
    12:06 PM

    Miranda Morris
    12:08 PM
    I managed to get to a stationers but that was it :'(…Read More

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