• Paper by Fiftythree is a favorite and Bamboo Paper is a good basic note app. Fiftythree has more features, even in the free version. Definitely worth trying Paper by Fiftythree!

    I have an older iPad 2 and both of those apps are fun to use and have saving and sharing options. Fiftythree has a Pencil stylus and it’s cheaper than the Apple Pencil. I don’t have either of those pencils, so…Read More

  • Hello Raven,

    I just watched the video on your website. The soothing music and your voice are perfect together. Your video is so calming and the workshop looks like it is going to be a lot of fun. Great job! I look forward to more videos from you. This was my first time visiting your website and I enjoyed spending time there checking everything out. You are very talented and your hand…Read More

  • *your, not you’re

  • Hello Caroline-Isabelle,

    Thank you for sharing your video and notes. I admire that you are incorporating these into your class. I took several online courses as part of my undergrad and graduate degrees and I would have appreciated videos like these. The thing I missed the most when taking online classes was the live lecture experience of the traditional face-to-face setting.

    I work at…Read More

  • Hello! I am happy to join this community of sketchers and doodlers. I’m new to sketchnoting, so I have a lot to learn and practice.

    I think how I came to join Verbal to Visual is interesting and it feels serendipitous. I started searching online about sketchnoting a couple years ago and found Mike Rohde. At that time I thought it was cool, enjoyed watching him sketchnote and thought, “I…Read More

  • Hello. I appreciate the playbacks also. I joined the community a few days ago and I’ve been lurking around checking out previous sessions and will watch this one in a few minutes. I will try to join a live session one day if my schedule allows. But thank you for providing the playback links, Doug!

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