• Hi @dougneill and everyone in the V2V family,

    I had to let the webinar contents sink in – and maybe need to watch it again. But so far as I am now I would like to put down some thoughts:

    I agree with Miranda, that I am very thankful for the “last generation” of V2V and all your effort, @dougneill. The webinars helped me make friends and progress, carried me through stressful times, and…Read More

  • @Melanie:
    ** Thank you for this discussion Melanie. It’s really helping me thinking through the WHY of my decision making process and filter ideas through my objectives.**

    <i> _So if one wants to use the videos 1) on Youtube and 2) embedded on ones website (most important) it might not be the most helpful thing to point to the description box and use all the bells and whistles YT…Read More

  • Raven replied to the topic Sketchnote Videos in the forum Share Ideas 5 years, 12 months ago

    Hey @dougneill,
    Do you brand/stylize your vids by applying a specific color tint?
    They look good. I just noticed they kind of have that bright yellow shade like the vintage look paper you use a lot.
    Just wondering.

  • Still no bites from the Conference notes but I was inspired by @tam-i-am and @dougneill in the open forum about going pro.

    So I set up a Fiverr gig. Today I had an interest email and they accepted my offer! So this is my first Fiverr gig.

    It is well under the costs quoted in our forum but I just didn’t have the confidence to post a higher fee.
    I think I will incremental raise it as I…Read More

  • Raven replied to the topic Raven Progress Log in the forum Progress Log 6 years ago

    I finished what was suppose to be my first video/ overview video for my eCourse.

    It feels a bit more like a trailer video. So I may use it on the course sign up landing page and make a different end card and make it the trailer video for my youtube channel.

    This is the third sketchnote video that I have made. It was fun trying out the zoom features in Adobe Premiere and adding sound…Read More

  • Raven replied to the topic Raven Progress Log in the forum Progress Log 6 years ago

    @kiwitexan: why yes i am! great connection.

    @tam-i-am & @dougneill: thank you for all the encouragement. it is neat that while i have wanted to do stuff for me for such a long time …. it is the community and weekly meetups that kind of help force me to make progress. I couldn’t go to sleep before finishing this video because I wanted to share at Tuesday’s feedback session 🙂 <3

  • Raven replied to the topic Raven Progress Log in the forum Progress Log 6 years ago

    @dougneill and @webmaid : still no sales but this process was interesting.
    Thanks for the encouraging words and feedback

    @webmaid : it did work out well to have finished sketchnotes on hand. It helped me and actually turned out better than I thought they would.

    @christinekoehler : I am glad you noticed the bible translation partnership. It wasn’t on there originally but a friend that…Read More

  • Thanks everyone! The daily challenge – working through the V2V notebook – is really fun. Looking forward to day 128 when I ask @dougneill “what’s next?” 😉

    @kiwitexan: Everything is well, yes! I am having a week of “vacation” at home before heading back to good old Germany for another four weeks.

  • Thank you, @DougNeill!

    Like Christine I only worked through some of the pages with the video lessons before, but was a bit overwhelmed. Now that I become more confident, I really want to use it. So many great tasks! It’s perfect for regular sketchnoting practice.

    By the by, 2/128 done.

  • I think I misunderstood here!

    One weekly theme – two challenges (different talks or sources to sketchnote).

    Tuesday is fine for me.

    I wonder if @DougNeill could add a new forum to host the topics and discussions? There we could have a thread to collect topics we like, too.

    Thanks for all your input!

  • Muddy posted an update 6 years, 5 months ago

    My recommended daily dose of awesome V-to-V v& L-in-P ideos is dangerously low. #imissdoug Hope you’re having a good mini sabbatical @dougneill #CreativeHiatus thanks for all the awesome enhancements to the verbal to visual classroom 2.0 community site. I <3 live chat, and I've met the nicest people at the visual playground. I trust you're busy prepping for the upcoming webinar. Hope…Read More

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