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  • I’ve just been planning alongside the recording of the Monday practice session (Doug, Melanie and Ana) and wanted to say want a great accompaniment it was – really encouraging me to focus on what I needed to do. I also really felt for the position Melanie is now in – clearing out the family home and gently negotiating the with her mother. I went through the same process some years…Read More

  • Hey, one of my next challenges is adapting visual note-taking to 1st graders! Map project!! Will probably start with simple grids capturing what they see, imagine, etc. but if anyone has any experience or tips with primary grade kids, bring it on!

  • Responding to Webinar Workshop #30’s, guiding question: “What preparation/approach/constraints might you build into your note-taking process to better handle the challenge of live, fast-paced sketchnoting?”

    Preparation … I’ll do some basic research on the client, session topic, agenda, speaker(s), anything which is applicable and tied to / in support of the “thing” I am sketchnoting.…Read More

  • I had a thought after the webinar about a future webinar topic that fits in the New Year. How do you all keep your sketch notes organized? What do you keep? What do you recycle? I have a very messy pile of stuff from when I was doing more with Verbal to Visual in early 2015 and I’m not sure how to tackle it.

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    Happy New Year, everyone! I’ll be hanging out in the Visual Playground all day (10am-4pm EST), stop on by and say hello. #CasualMuddy http://tinyurl.com/visual-playground

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