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September 13, 2016 at 1:15 pm #6907
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Text chat from today:

me 12:05 PM
Train video:

Raven Henderson 12:05 PM
woo Hoo!!!!
Family reunion Tug of War:
Oh and I got two paying gigs. One for video editing and one for social media marketin
I’ll save those stories for LIP

me 12:21 PM
Jessica Hagy:

Raven Henderson 12:23 PM
Is there a link?

me 12:24 PM
Edward Tufte:

Raven Henderson 12:24 PM
Thank you
We talked about before.

Melanie Grimm 12:25 PM
Manuel Lima, the book of trees
I made a sketchnote of his ted-talk

Raven Henderson 12:27 PM
cool. it makes me think of mind maps. looking at lima’s book

Melanie Grimm 12:27 PM

Raven Henderson 12:28 PM
Timelines, Rulers

Melanie Grimm 12:28 PM
I love timelines

Raven Henderson 12:28 PM

Melanie Grimm 12:30 PM
I think my mindmapping app has a timeline template

Raven Henderson 12:30 PM
I didn’t realize how much we see visual mind maps in criminal tv shows:
Volume of any container can show percentage.
Water Glass … Beer Mug …
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Melanie Grimm 12:33 PM
little people

Raven Henderson 12:34 PM
Height of objects can show bar graph … construction can be represented in building heights

Melanie Grimm 12:35 PM
use of color

Raven Henderson 12:36 PM
This infographic has fun ways of showing 1 in 3 or 1 in 5
OOOOOh … I like the size references Melanie 🙂
An intensity of color: Gradients
Here’s an example of size of animals to represent portion of the whole:
I think it’s a nice reminder to have in mind because some speakers actually use reference points like what Melanie said
This is cool. I thought we would just be writing numbers today.

Melanie Grimm 12:45 PM
That was my impression too 🙂

Raven Henderson 12:46 PM
Survey says!
we can sketch an episode of Family Feud. Just kidding

me 12:46 PM
TED Talk:
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Raven Henderson 1:02 PM
10 minutes of Richard Wilkinson
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Raven Henderson 1:08 PM
Your educator and storyteller sides are showing 🙂
I enjoy the titles. It’s nice to hear “Population” as a way to use people as a percentage
Is Dot Voting like making Tally Marks???
… or is it like dropping marbles in a jar to vote?