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August 2, 2016 at 1:04 pm #6718
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Text chat from today’s webinar:

me 12:03 PM
Travel video in Oregon:

Raven Henderson 12:04 PM
I want to learn how to add animated sketchnotes to video

Melanie Grimm 12:04 PM
what software / app did you use?

me 12:04 PM
Projects forum:

Melanie Grimm 12:04 PM
did you use the ipad?
thank you

Raven Henderson 12:07 PM
Thank you
Sounds a little like using that effect to remove green screen
This might inspire me to get back to making my classroom videos. It’s always fun to have a new tool/trick AND content ready to use it on

Melanie Grimm 12:09 PM
Q: how is the yearbook doing? Can we have a preview?
do you mean the playground?

am squirrel 12:13 PM
it was from Miranda

Raven Henderson 12:16 PM
I have a project(s) but need to regain momentum again too
Do you want to make a project? Like if you want to sketchnote more find a playlist on a subject you like and sketchnote all those in the playlist
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Raven Henderson 12:25 PM
We’re sketchnoting the next steps of projects were working on

Caroline-Isabelle Caron 12:25 PM
Allo! Sorry i’m late.

Raven Henderson 12:29 PM
Leaving work now. Gonna try to make it to the coffee shop in time to see everyone’s sketchnotes 🙂
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am squirrel 12:31 PM
Hi Caroline-Isabell
We are planning/thinking about our futur project
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Melanie Grimm 12:47 PM
I didn’t work
too tired for project plans atm

am squirrel 12:56 PM

Caroline-Isabelle Caron 12:57 PM
Thanks ANA

Raven Henderson 1:00 PM
Yes because I won’t need the table top area that I rely on at home when filming
I’ve plugged a mic into my iPhone to record voice memos and AirDrop them into Premiere
Yes lapel mic