Reply To: July 25th, 2016 Webinar: Community Updates

July 29, 2016 at 9:42 am #6697
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First, Doug, I apologize for missing the workshop. I was busy at work.

Second, I want to thank you for the thought you put in creating the community in the first place, and the work you are putting in making it both better for you (the most important) and sustainable for the long term. I have to say that the changes you are planning are very much in line with the way I have been interacting with the community in the first place. Not that I think you are making changes for me (that would be delusional), but it just so happens that the changes are going to allow me to participate more, in all likelihood. The personal forums and/or blog, with project based discussions are right up my alley. Certainly they suit my way of working. Additionally, since the webinar is going to happen right after my Tuesday class is over, I’ll be able to go straight to my office, plug in, and participate for an hour before the students start pouring in (not) for my office hours (when I am usually alone, because they would rather talk to me on Skype in pyjamas than come in person).

Third, no change in an establish community is going to suit everyone. Some people will be less involved, but new people most likely will be able to latch on. I have to say I was surprised that you were doing 5 webinars a week in the first place. I cannot say I am surprised you are cutting back. If only in terms of hours worked vs. weekly revenue, it didn’t seem to make sense you were doing so much.

Fourth, go you for getting an office space! I have found it helps my creativity to get out of the house and have a dedicated space. Especially if it is a low cost/high yield space. Also, good luck with the van thing. Youth is a great thing (yes I am older than you by more than a bit)!

All in all, I am happy to see that you are still putting effort in community building after almost two years. So many online places simply petter out and die after a while, once the founders lose interest.