Reply To: July 25th, 2016 Webinar: Community Updates

July 27, 2016 at 4:08 am #6691
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Hi @dougneill and everyone in the V2V family,

I had to let the webinar contents sink in – and maybe need to watch it again. But so far as I am now I would like to put down some thoughts:

I agree with Miranda, that I am very thankful for the “last generation” of V2V and all your effort, @dougneill. The webinars helped me make friends and progress, carried me through stressful times, and I learned so much. It’s ok to change, maybe this has to happen anyways sooner or later. Clearly you had/have a lot on your plates, Doug, and first priority is to make a living for everyone of us.

I am under the impression that you pondered a lot about the community etc. – alone – and I would like to propose the use of a community Trello board to find out what we really want/need. And then pull not more than two to-dos at the same time. You know how this Kanban sort of thing basically goes. And who knows where this could lead to? I am also open to meet online on other times to talk through things. We could even develop sketchnoted forms for these processes 😉 It’s not like you have to do everything alone, @dougneill. No one can be successful alone *endofwisdom*.

The calendar plugin might be a good thing (to be seen), if other members than our core group can be activated. It would be interesting to know why some people lost interest (or if it is just a timing issue) in joining the webinars. Some time ago in a LiP webinar we brainstormed ideas and I want to mention again a buddy system for new members, too. A survey could also help (re: times to meet, motivation to join, motivation to contribute).

About the personal forums/blogs for project based learning progress notes – I am not so sure. I at least have my own blog to share, plus LiP and V2V progress logs. It’s almost too much. It’s great to have a place to share in semi-public, but one of the progress logs is redundant. And the feedback sessions were a great add-on. We had our own mastermind group which I find maybe more important than the logs. But I also noticed that some people never came to the webinars but posted valuable feedback.

I also feel, alas, that LiP as a separate community and webinar is redundant. As a part of V2V with maybe one webinar monthly (we do have difficulties to come up with topics), and only one community (are there any members that are not part of V2V?) it could still work (and leaner).

Hopefully my feedback is understood to come from the heart – sometimes cultural and language barriers lead to misunderstanding in my experience. I love this community and want it to thrive.

Please all take care – and don’t try to do everything alone!

Mama Melanie