Reply To: July 25th, 2016 Webinar: Community Updates

July 26, 2016 at 10:03 pm #6690
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I’ve just watched the webinar workshop. Wow! Some big changes.
It was great to hear about your new living and work space plans – very, very exciting and I love the way you are thinking outside the box. It sounds fabulous -independence and creative work colleagues, too. And mobility. There’s a guy down the road who coverts old railcars into gypsy caravans and l am so tempted!

First of all I want to thank you for the last generation of V- V. l don’t think I would have reached my current engaged relationship with sketchnoting without ithe lovely practice and feedback workshops. I did also realise that they were not sustainable for you both because of the level of commitment and because of the small group of attendees (even one on one sometimes) compared to the number of members. Over the sabbatical I had come to the decision that the 5am webinar workshops v-v and lip were not really sustainable for me, but as that wipes out any interaction with you, I shall reconsider that and decide which one to paritcipate in – probably V-v.!
I shall be really interested to see how the new format works. l have a bit of a fear that it might become rudderless, and wasn’t very clear what level of online presence you were intending to have other than with the chat. l really liked some of Ana’s questions and your responses around having a kind of glossary of types of interaction for the calendar, I know with Melanie and Ana’s hangouts I really wanted to be involved, and enjoyed hanging out with them, but it was awkward for me as I had another commitment then (which your calendar would make it easier to negotiate), and I felt I needed to concentrate of the purpose of v-v for me rather than another challenge – so again, the calendar will make it easier for purpose related interactions and the focus on projects. will suit me down to the ground!
Sorry for this ramble – so much food for thought. l really look forward to seeing how it pans out!