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July 8, 2016 at 1:27 pm #6644
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Here’s the text from today’s chat – thanks everyone!

Melaine D’Cruze 12:01 PM
hello everyone

Melanie Grimm 12:01 PM
i don’t have sound at the moment
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Melaine D’Cruze 12:03 PM
oh….so good
louisa is my best friend. we been besties since 1st grade :_
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Raven Henderson 12:06 PM
HI Ana

christine koehler 12:06 PM
Hi Ana
You muted am squirrel.

christine koehler 12:11 PM
I am wondering how to evaluate my level…

Miranda Morris 12:12 PM
I think its hard to rate because there is no endpoint

christine koehler 12:12 PM
saying this because recently I had feedbacks that lead me to feel that my visual skills were not good. ..
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Melanie Grimm 12:13 PM
I look back where I was and how free I feel to use different tools now

Miranda Morris 12:17 PM
The decision like that may have nothing to do with the skill of the illustrations but more with people’s taste

christine koehler 12:17 PM
yes, I was proud to be able to try things at least !

Melaine D’Cruze 12:17 PM
I agree with miranda

Raven Henderson 12:17 PM
I agree with Miranda too

Melanie Grimm 12:17 PM
yes ^^

Raven Henderson 12:18 PM
Sometimes it’s even hard to get a group to agree on a type font :oP

christine koehler 12:18 PM
Difficult because with visuals we deal indeed with taste..

Miranda Morris 12:19 PM
visuals are emotional response

Melaine D’Cruze 12:19 PM
also, ppl relate visuals to art and in this case its about ideas not art

christine koehler 12:20 PM
Thanks Miranda, so I know where I have to make progress : in getting an emotional response 😉

Miranda Morris 12:20 PM
That one you shared with the tiny woman and broken heart

Raven Henderson 12:21 PM
And “skill” in illustrate is very subjective. Some popular cartoonist have a wide variety of style that appeals to different groups. LIke and Cyanide and Happiness
Those are FAR from fine art but really convene messages and touch people
BTW Christine: We LOVE your art. Especially the dancing people 🙂

christine koehler 12:25 PM
Thank you Raven 🙂
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me 12:28 PM
We’ve got background music for our activity now! 🙂 Thanks Ana

Miranda Morris 12:28 PM
Some odd music coming through!
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Raven Henderson 12:29 PM
I heard that too
But everyone is muted ????

Melanie Grimm 12:29 PM
It was Ana with some live music
from the concert

Miranda Morris 12:29 PM
Is Doug the culprit?

Melaine D’Cruze 12:52 PM
Visual Thinking Skills Evaluation

Raven Henderson 12:55 PM
@Melaine: We should start a thread in the forum about online selling places. I am looking for that as well

Melaine D’Cruze 12:56 PM
yes, we should @raven

Raven Henderson 12:57 PM
Verbal to Visual Workshop 8 July 16

Melaine D’Cruze 12:58 PM
Your evaluation looks great @Christine

christine koehler 12:59 PM
Thanks Melaine

Melaine D’Cruze 1:02 PM
great evaluation of your progress @Melanie. It always helps to have a fav tool. Also, it helps if you limit your options to a few pens and colours…and most important of all are the ideas and experimentation

Miranda Morris 1:03 PM
And recognising them when you find them

Melanie Grimm 1:04 PM
You found them when it’s joy to work with them

Melaine D’Cruze 1:04 PM
I agree @miranda and @Melanie
@miranda, I do the text first and then draw the boxes around the text…that way i don’t get boxed in 🙂

christine koehler 1:09 PM
super cool @miranda !

Melanie Grimm 1:09 PM

Melaine D’Cruze 1:09 PM
good for you @miranda

Miranda Morris 1:11 PM
Thank you Christine Melanie and Melaine. text before boxes is definitely the way to go!
Scheduling takes a lot of the stress away from decision making

Melaine D’Cruze 1:12 PM
i am not sure why but those kind of challenges stress me out
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Miranda Morris 1:13 PM
Stress me out too! I freeze

Raven Henderson 1:13 PM
I think if you’re already goal oriented it’s stressful because it bothers you if things don’t get done.
If you’re like me and things just don’t get done ……

Melaine D’Cruze 1:13 PM
absolutely true raven

Raven Henderson 1:13 PM
it’s a nice kick in the pants
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Miranda Morris 1:14 PM
and if your not goal oriented you don’t do them!

Raven Henderson 1:15 PM
This was a good exercise
Enjoyed it even though I did it wrong

christine koehler 1:15 PM
It was great !

Raven Henderson 1:16 PM
I think you can use pixlr to compress a file
or if you upload to flickr album you can share the link to the image

Melaine D’Cruze 1:17 PM

Raven Henderson 1:18 PM
Image optimizer looks easier to use than pixlr

Melaine D’Cruze 1:19 PM
i’ve used it. it’s great
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Melanie Grimm 1:20 PM
All computers crashed … 🙁

Raven Henderson 1:20 PM