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July 1, 2016 at 1:28 pm #6591
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Hi Raven

I have mostly been a lurker here in the group and have not contributed much. I am a marketing consultant and spend a considerable amount of time helping people just like you figure out how to move from places like fiverr over to their own agency or service.

First thing, yes…. get away from Fiverr. It was likely a great place to get some experience and some confidence, but it looks like you have outgrown it and need to fly.

While I could certainly give you plenty of advice and talk for days on the topic, here are some fundamental things you have to get sorted out, before you can really move forward.

– Do you have a specific industry that you would like to serve?

– Are the clients that you are getting from fiverr from specific industries?

Would you like to work with software companies, non-profit companies, things like that.

This is important b/c we can better focus all your efforts on getting the right clients, if you know what industry to focus on. Don’t stress over the answer, just list 3 that come to mind. We just need a direction right now. We can always adjust later.

Once we determine that, my next piece of advice is going to be to create Authority Content around the challenges of that industry. By Authority Content, I mean content that demonstrates your expertise and ability.

So this is how it all fits together…. if you know you want to have software companies as clients in your visual recording business, then you would create content around the issues they deal with and talk about and show how visual content helps them better understand their jobs, their challenges and work better as a team.

So what might this look like in reality…… Software companies are all about the ideas of lean start ups, fast iterations and prototyping. So you could go to Ted Talk and find a TedTalk done by a respected software guy. You would visually record that ted talk and post it to youtube and your blog, slideshare and so on. The purpose of your video is to demonstrate how his concepts are easier to understand and implement b/c of the visual recording you did. If they would like to learn more about how to have your help in better defining their difficult problems and developing creative solutions, they should contact you at……

This is very similar to what Doug (our fearless leader) did when he did the live sketchnote of the big virtual summit event that happened not too long ago. A bunch of famous marketing leaders and thought leaders were giving talks everyday. Well the people that watch those talks are also good candidates to be Doug’s customers. Doug’s potential customers would be listening to those people being interviewed. So Doug did sketchnoting of the events.

That is a very solid game plan for you to follow. It won’t work though until you know what client you want to have. To do that, you need to focus on an industry. The single-most counter-intiuitve lesson in all of business is not to appeal to everyone, but to narrow your focus to a very specific audience.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Hope to be posting more here.

If you guys would like to see my marketing sketchnotes, just let me know.