Reply To: July 1st, 2016 Workshop: 2016 Mid-Year Review

July 1, 2016 at 1:22 pm #6590
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Thanks for making it out today! Here’s the text chat:

me 12:06 PM
App: Animation+

Melanie Grimm 12:09 PM
Ana didn’t feel well.

me 12:15 PM
Overall goal: create a single sketchnote with two parts to it – 1) things worth celebrating from the first half of 2016 (life and sketchnoting); 2) any adjustments to how you approach the development and use of your sketchnoting skills in the second half of the year
Raven Henderson joined group chat.

me 12:40 PM
Hi Raven! Can you see the prompt okay from the google event page?

Raven Henderson 12:42 PM
Yes, thank you 🙂

Miranda Morris 12:47 PM
Hello Raven!

Raven Henderson 12:47 PM
Hi Miranda
HI Melanie 🙂

Melanie Grimm 12:47 PM
Hi Raven

Miranda Morris 1:02 PM
Lovely Melanie – what a year!
Life is a constant tweak
New normal Raven!

Melanie Grimm 1:11 PM
This group is just awesome.

Miranda Morris 1:11 PM
Yes, the communities go well beyond the skills of sketchnoting

Melanie Grimm 1:12 PM
Tammy Judd Jenny joined group chat.

Miranda Morris 1:13 PM
Hello Tammy

Raven Henderson 1:13 PM
Hi Tammy
Side note: Tammy, it’s fun to count the Doug’s in your video feed. There are many reflective surfaces around you.
Post in the forum: I would love to pick your brain about Freelancing stuff too 🙂

Melanie Grimm 1:16 PM
the printer looks huge

Miranda Morris 1:17 PM
Melanie just has a discrete ceiling!

Raven Henderson 1:18 PM
Tammy have you started a progress log in the forum?

Tammy Judd Jenny 1:18 PM
I have not done a progress log yet, Raven. I’ll do that. thanks!

Melanie Grimm 1:19 PM
Miranda has books. A lot.
not to mention the mole

Miranda Morris 1:19 PM

Raven Henderson 1:19 PM
@Tammy: glad you logged on today 🙂

Tammy Judd Jenny 1:20 PM
Thank you!

Melanie Grimm 1:20 PM