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June 28, 2016 at 9:49 am #6555
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Today we talked about VideoScribe and flowcharts! Thanks for the great convo. Here’s the text chat:

Raven Henderson 9:05 AM
I saw it.
no don’t!

Melanie Grimm 9:07 AM
I think it was still recognizable regarding the style
But you could add headshots?

Raven Henderson 9:08 AM
Was that your handwriting?
I wonder… Can you add your desktop as the writing surface?
With all the texture
Can you change the type of paper/surface?
Like exporting the video to Premiere and then embedding the Videoscribe
Sweet. No antique yellowed feel though but awesome
Jill Rapley joined group chat.

Raven Henderson 9:16 AM
Hi Jill
Jill, you’re an onion
Picturing the cartooning motorcyclist now

Melanie Grimm 9:17 AM
I want to order it too, but it’s not available here yet

Jill Rapley 9:18 AM
🙂 Raven – it is worth it Melanie

Raven Henderson 9:18 AM
I could use feedback on clearing up a flowchart
You muted Jill Rapley.

Raven Henderson 9:19 AM

Melanie Grimm 9:26 AM
what is PYMT?

Raven Henderson 9:26 AM
@Melanie: Payment

Melanie Grimm 9:26 AM
thanks Raven
put similar things in similar shapes or colors

Raven Henderson 9:30 AM
@Melanie: Can you elaborate?
@Melanie: Thank you

Melanie Grimm 9:33 AM
Oh, now I see what the borders mean
didn’t get it before

Jill Rapley 9:34 AM
going to have to run – everything seems to be happening at once today –
nice to see you all at least briefly

Raven Henderson 9:34 AM
Nice to see you Jill

Jill Rapley 9:34 AM
it happens 🙂

Melanie Grimm 9:34 AM
bye Jill!
Jill Rapley left group chat.

Melanie Grimm 9:35 AM
I will look at my list of values and my already changed plan, evaluate how I am doing with all of it
also cheering at our achievements

Raven Henderson 9:47 AM
Do it!

Melanie Grimm 9:47 AM
yeah, dinner

Raven Henderson 9:47 AM
Thank y’all for the help on the flowchart!!!!
That solves a big headache

Melanie Grimm 9:48 AM
you’re welcome