Reply To: June 2016 Feedback & Practice Sessions

June 27, 2016 at 10:05 am #6501
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Great session! Here’s the text chat:

Ana Maravic 9:03 AM
Vickie Velasquez joined group chat.

Melanie Grimm 9:06 AM
Hi Vickie
Some text would be helpful …
Some questionmarks in different sizes would work too
And exclamation marks in the other scene

Ana Maravic 9:17 AM
Happy burthday 😀

Melanie Grimm 9:17 AM
Happy Birthday! Good choice!

Ana Maravic 9:17 AM

Vickie Velasquez 9:17 AM
Thank you!

me 9:17 AM
Happy burfday

Ana Maravic 9:22 AM
@Melanie .. you have your drawing glow 🙂

Melanie Grimm 9:22 AM
Thanks Ana 🙂

me 9:52 AM
Can you throw links in for us to your podcasts?

Melanie Grimm 9:54 AM
About 10 years ago I translated a downloadable weekly review worksheet for GTD from English to German, but it’s not available anymore (neither German nor English)
That was my first “commercial” e-product

Vickie Velasquez 9:59 AM
Very cool Melanie! This is my vegetarian podcast
i’ll post the productivity one in a sec

Melanie Grimm 10:02 AM
That’s a lot for today

Vickie Velasquez 10:03 AM
yeah i think we are having hosting issues today on our sites. I’ll post the productivity one in a sec. Blue Host!!!!
that’s the site