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June 24, 2016 at 1:20 pm #6455
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Great workshop today! Here’s a copy of the text chat:

Melanie Grimm 12:02 PM
Hi Melaine and Jill
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Melaine D’Cruze 12:02 PM
hello everyone

Miranda Morris 12:02 PM
Hello all!

Melanie Grimm 12:02 PM
Hi Miranda
that is very useful, Doug
although I don’t work with it yet

me 12:06 PM
History of Adobe Illustrator:

Melanie Grimm 12:07 PM
All the expensive classes

Jill Rapley 12:08 PM
Got my edited version of profile up
will send 600dpi to you after this webinar

Melanie Grimm 12:08 PM
I would also drop out to make place if the room get crammed
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Melanie Grimm 12:11 PM
Hi Christine

Jill Rapley 12:11 PM
Hi Christine
easiest and quickest to draw

christine koehler 12:12 PM
Hi everyone !

Miranda Morris 12:17 PM
profile with nose
simple face

Melanie Grimm 12:17 PM
knees and elbows

Melaine D’Cruze 12:17 PM
speech bubbles
around the stick figures

Jill Rapley 12:18 PM
hands – mitten style – or (cartoon style have 3 fingers)
motion lines (running – jumping etc)

Melaine D’Cruze 12:19 PM
simple clothes
tie, dress, tshirt, shorts

Melanie Grimm 12:19 PM
small dropshadow

Jill Rapley 12:20 PM
dro[ shadows are great – add dimension

Miranda Morris 12:20 PM
thought bubbles

Melanie Grimm 12:20 PM
I mean a shadow on the ground

Melaine D’Cruze 12:20 PM
props-cell phones, computers,
horizon line to ground the figure

Jill Rapley 12:21 PM
yes – putting it in context

Melaine D’Cruze 12:22 PM
use an art mannequin for reference
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Melaine D’Cruze 12:23 PM

Melanie Grimm 12:25 PM
search images on google or in magazines for reference

Miranda Morris 12:26 PM
or getting into the position yourself

Melaine D’Cruze 12:26 PM

Melanie Grimm 12:26 PM
iphones? hehe

Melaine D’Cruze 12:26 PM
walking stick

Miranda Morris 12:26 PM
chairs tables

Jill Rapley 12:26 PM
always cell phones 🙂

Melaine D’Cruze 12:27 PM

Miranda Morris 12:27 PM
I was thinking feeling your way into the position

me 12:33 PM
We’ll share out at 10 till!

Jill Rapley 12:50 PM

Melanie Grimm 12:50 PM

Miranda Morris 12:50 PM

Jill Rapley 12:52 PM
very nice !!!!

Miranda Morris 12:52 PM
great Doug

Melanie Grimm 12:53 PM
very cool Jill

Miranda Morris 12:53 PM
Fabulous Gill – very expressive

christine koehler 12:53 PM
very lively

Miranda Morris 12:53 PM
sorry Jill

Melaine D’Cruze 12:54 PM
great work Jill

Jill Rapley 12:55 PM
Thanks all

Melaine D’Cruze 12:55 PM

me 12:55 PM
Love that blue spine line!

Jill Rapley 12:55 PM
nice – great work on computer!!
very nice Melanie

Miranda Morris 12:57 PM
great – that’s been my week too Melanie – love those action lines . I am trying to draw a series of Qi Gong exercises at the moment and that looks really helpful

christine koehler 12:59 PM
I can show something

Jill Rapley 1:00 PM
with some tea to stay awake and keep warm – nice Miranda

Melanie Grimm 1:00 PM
cute – love it, Miranda

christine koehler 1:01 PM
I like the original way of using colors !

Melaine D’Cruze 1:01 PM
love all the props you’ve used Miranda

christine koehler 1:01 PM
and the BIG sweater !

Melanie Grimm 1:01 PM
looks as warm as a sheep

Miranda Morris 1:02 PM
Love the mermaid

christine koehler 1:02 PM
me too !
and superman !

Miranda Morris 1:03 PM
and swimming

Jill Rapley 1:03 PM
superman is there too 🙂
yes – nice collection

Melaine D’Cruze 1:05 PM
Thanks everyone. I love Superman :).
very cool comic style layout christine

Jill Rapley 1:06 PM
love it Christine

Miranda Morris 1:06 PM
Oh that last one is so good the big space and tiny person

Jill Rapley 1:07 PM
certainly portrays the story

me 1:08 PM

Melaine D’Cruze 1:08 PM
love the artist

Jill Rapley 1:09 PM
yes love the artist too –

Melanie Grimm 1:09 PM
the happy smile of the artist

Miranda Morris 1:10 PM
I have a little treat to share for afterwards!

Melanie Grimm 1:11 PM
Thanks Miranda!
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Jill Rapley 1:12 PM

Melaine D’Cruze 1:12 PM

Jill Rapley 1:14 PM
yes = love that idea
of a space with no digital

christine koehler 1:15 PM
Bye everybody !
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Jill Rapley 1:16 PM
me too – possibly –
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