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June 21, 2016 at 10:09 am #6416
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Here’s the text chat from our June 21st Feedback Session:

Ana Maravic 9:03 AM
hi Jill
it turn out great
and handwriting is nice 🙂

Jill Rapley 9:06 AM
Thank you Ana

Ana Maravic 9:07 AM
in video why did you have subtitiles and speaking?
Raven Henderson joined group chat.

Jill Rapley 9:07 AM
Hi Raven

Ana Maravic 9:07 AM
hi Raven

Raven Henderson 9:07 AM
Hi Jill
Hi Ana 🙂

Melanie Grimm 9:07 AM
Hi Raven

Raven Henderson 9:08 AM
Hi Melanie 🙂
I’m glad I’m not the only one that sent things in last night.
I can’t wait to have a hard copy of the yearbook to show local friends everyone’s work.

Melanie Grimm 9:10 AM
Jill, your audio needs some touch-ups … 😉
Just wanted to mention that we are not recording yet

Raven Henderson 9:13 AM
I don’t have baby pictures to put in anyone’s face …. so I think this might be my brag book

Ana Maravic 9:17 AM
I’m in the living room with hubby and the dog so that’s why I Don’t have video and speak a little .. type more 🙂

Raven Henderson 9:17 AM
@Melanie: I love the example of using a question to become the content for video

Ana Maravic 9:19 AM
@Raven Did I miss your some new video?
@Melanie .. maybe second project would be how to spicy it so that you don’t find it boring?
on mac – preview maybe?

Raven Henderson 9:22 AM
@Ana: I post a quick tutorial video. I think it may be too fast pace though:
@Melanie: You sounded sooooooo GOOD! and I enjoyed the pace of your words

Ana Maravic 9:25 AM
@Raven I just saw first 30 sec .. you are fast ..
I like to see which tools are you using and have time to select them … to work along with you .. even if I’m bad in PS .. does that make sense to you?

Melanie Grimm 9:27 AM
Thank you all for the feedback!

Raven Henderson 9:27 AM
@Melanie: Sketching would be so fun in family tree type videos. There is so much visuals in connecting the dots from person to person.

Ana Maravic 9:28 AM
@Raven . maybe to put shortcut for the comannds in descriptions?

Raven Henderson 9:28 AM
@Ana: Yes, I could have paused and zoomed in or slowed down on the tool selection process.

Melanie Grimm 9:28 AM
Yes, this will surely be a topic soon to be sketched out in my scanner notebook. To keep the momentum going.

Jill Rapley 9:28 AM
Sounds great Melanie 🙂
Looks good Raven

Ana Maravic 9:29 AM
I think that depends on the audience you are targering

Jill Rapley 9:29 AM
That is true Ana
A little muddy Raven – but as Doug says not enough to redo (even text)

Raven Henderson 9:30 AM
@Ana: Do you think it would be good to provide freeze frame in the written blog

Ana Maravic 9:30 AM
@Melnie It’s great idea .. and you could approach it in so many way s depending on the person 🙂
@Raven .. if you think having it as a tutorial then yes .. apsolutely

Melanie Grimm 9:32 AM
You sounded sooo pro and confident, Raven.

Jill Rapley 9:34 AM
Misson Statement

Melanie Grimm 9:39 AM
if some behind the scenes videos do not serve the purpose of the artful devo course, they can still build up to a new, separate product

Jill Rapley 9:40 AM
Yes – Melanie – like Doug’s where he has some things on his personal blog

Melanie Grimm 9:41 AM
Like “RTFM”

Raven Henderson 9:41 AM
What’s that Mel?

Melanie Grimm 9:41 AM
Read the f*ing manual
Now that Instagram changed the logo …

Jill Rapley 9:43 AM
Yes – I like the old logo better

Raven Henderson 9:43 AM
Technically do you want to change anything from old videos

Jill Rapley 9:43 AM
I would take some ideas from old stuff (in my case I have several hundred articles) and repurpose
Only if you plan to add them to a new course I would do so

Raven Henderson 9:46 AM
not yet
i haven’t thought about it because i only have like 10 views

Melanie Grimm 9:48 AM
oh, this is a topic: what are the advantages of wistia and vimeo compared to YT

Ana Maravic 9:48 AM
could you make a playlist and then switch particular video or make a new one?

Raven Henderson 9:49 AM
@Ana: You can add a single video to multiple playlists. Even videos from other people’s channels.
I thought of starting a playlist … and adding some of Doug’s vids to it 🙂
@Ana: That’s a great idea

Ana Maravic 9:51 AM
I think that comments stay on list but not sure

Melanie Grimm 9:52 AM
Or use a personal link redirection tool (similar to bitly, but as plugin on your blog) and change the link behind the shortlink.

Ana Maravic 9:53 AM
I agree that on the blog you can play with it 😀

Raven Henderson 9:53 AM
I did learn that you can turn off YouTube video suggestions when you embed a video. So they won’t show up if I embed to my blog
@Melanie: I just got an email from the Netherlands on fiverr, “The article is about the possibilities to get a mortgage in the Netherlands as an expat.” 🙂 🙂 🙂 Makes me think of you.

Jill Rapley 9:56 AM
I will too 🙁 – will be working up til 3pm CST

Melanie Grimm 9:57 AM
That sounds so cool

Ana Maravic 9:58 AM
i’m an addict

Melanie Grimm 9:58 AM
I will feed the addict soon

Ana Maravic 9:58 AM
have a nice time Raven
@Melanie 🙂

Jill Rapley 9:59 AM
Look forward to that Raven

Raven Henderson 9:59 AM
Thank you @Melanie & @Ana 🙂
Yes! I was inspired by Melanie’s log videos

Ana Maravic 9:59 AM
do we know the topic for the Friday?

Jill Rapley 10:00 AM
It is – for sure – 2017 is way too close

Melanie Grimm 10:01 AM
I like the drawing webinars
faces, hands,

Ana Maravic 10:03 AM
is there a way to illustrate movement except (( ?

Raven Henderson 10:04 AM
Do you stick people tend to always move to the right?
I tried to draw someone running to the left and it was so hard.

Ana Maravic 10:04 AM
Than Miranda will have to jump in the air and do that thing with the legs … I can’t remember the word 🙁

Raven Henderson 10:05 AM
@Melanie: Did you post that Star Wars storyboard link in a forum?
Guesture Sketching

Jill Rapley 10:05 AM
I have same problem from left (I am left handed)
nice Melanie

Raven Henderson 10:06 AM
It’s okay. I will search twitter for the post 🙂

Melanie Grimm 10:06 AM

A Kickass Drawing Method For Storyboards Event

Raven Henderson 10:07 AM
Thank you Melanie!!!!! I’m excited to read/watch this

Jill Rapley 10:07 AM
Thank you Melanie

Melanie Grimm 10:07 AM
You are all welcome

Ana Maravic 10:08 AM
@Melanie you are always full of informations 🙂

Raven Henderson 10:08 AM
@Mel: Will your next video be storyboarding?