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June 20, 2016 at 10:05 am #6410
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Text chat from today’s practice session:

me 9:18 AM
Just picked a random Spotify playlist, and guess which song came up first? Alaska by Maggie Rogers!

Raven Henderson 9:25 AM

Melanie Grimm 9:49 AM

Raven Henderson 9:55 AM

Melanie Grimm 9:56 AM

Raven Henderson 9:58 AM
I like your orange. It’s almost a trademark like your egg

Ana Maravic 9:58 AM
can you play with it ? maybe make web address like a stamp

Raven Henderson 10:00 AM
Now that you have so much of your handwritten images in Videoscribe and experience with it…. do you think you will use it more?
Are you going to photograph and add your own hand?

Melanie Grimm 10:01 AM
oh yeah that’s so cool. I am looking forward to doing that too.