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June 19, 2016 at 12:17 pm #6396
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In addition to my last post about the slideshow-movie I made, I want to share some thoughts.

There is much positive and some negative I experienced with making the video:

+ I was totally in the flow (for hours) and enjoyed the mix of creativity and structure that came with the project and the software
+ I got to know the software and understood why I loved it the last time I used it. See above.
+ For the first time I spoke in a video that I published. A big achievement for me.
+ I shared this „other“ type of video/experiment. Learn in (small) Public.
+ I finished a project in one go and „delivered“.
+ I was able to make a document with Affinity Designer, which is still a software with more questions than answers for me.
+ I learned that I need to be responsible for saving my project and that a good workflow also means to have a structure for where all the the data goes. So if I need images, videos, music, audio, notes and the project files, that I have a dedicated space and scheme where I put them (best before I begin).
+ I liked a lot to work with a storyboard. It gives me a structure that inspires me. Left and right brain work together. Tech and emotion.
+ Also I liked to do a technical tutorial.

Of course there are a some buts in my opinion:

– The video is much too long, while I missed the chance to explain some points better.
– It also is quite boring, including my voice (in the beginning, better at the end?) and the music
– I didn’t use a script at all, produced the slides as I went with the experiment. Doing in one go is fine, but I think I missed a chance to make this more entertaining (if this is possible).
– (it’s not sketchnoted)

So now I need to decide if I make a version 2.0 or if I go on to the next video. The topic is not critical, this was just an exercise. How do you decide in such a case?