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June 13, 2016 at 8:37 am #6365
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** Thank you for this discussion Melanie. It’s really helping me thinking through the WHY of my decision making process and filter ideas through my objectives.**

<i> _So if one wants to use the videos 1) on Youtube and 2) embedded on ones website (most important) it might not be the most helpful thing to point to the description box and use all the bells and whistles YT offers, I guess, after reading your comment, Raven …_ </i>

** I stole (like an artist) the idea of embedded videos as blog headers from our @dougneill because I thought it looked cool. I would store the videos on YT, like him, but that triggered something else.

I learned that YT’s platform is a great place to generate traffic to one’s own platform. So if I am using YT to cast a net then let me make sure it is a good net.

That is why I have started to focus on two things:
1. The call to action
2. The YT engagement and audience retention

The Call to Action most apply to both locations: YT and blog posts. So again I stole (like an artist) from the Verbal to Visual Youtube Channel with this line:

“Look below this video” Seen below:

I like that below the embedded video on the blog will be “show notes” or text.
AND below the video on YT will be a description box … that points to the blog post.

2. For YT Audience Engagement and Retention

There are several hacks that I have seen repeated mentioned in creator videos:
* Use End Cards
* Create Playlists
* Refer to other videos
* Dive into Content Quickly
* Brand Yourself – Colors, Eye Catching & ConsistentThumbnails
* Create Engaging Titles
… and so on.

All of that to say one of the most compelling arguments I have heard is that End Cards should give new viewers a starting point. Your regular watchers, when we get regular watchers, will already know what the channel is about. Video Creators talks about it here:**

** So the rough part, that you pointed out, is marrying the two ideas to work toward my established goals.

I have already been thinking about redesigning my End Card by keeping the playing video on the left and the link to the reference video on the right.

Kind of like this: **

Considering how to build a mpre effective video end card

** So when I say, “Look below this video” There is NOT another video playing 🙂
That may be my compromise. **

<i> _Thank you for the recommendation of the Video Creators though, I’ll check out the channel. Looks like a good resource so far. After a weekend watching Skillshare I feel a bit overwhelmed of the quantity and underwhelmed of most content’s quality. And I want to keep my focus on my blog and my sketchnote (video) learning too (for a while)._</i>

**Yes, so much to learn on Skillshare. I am trying to build the discipline to save classes that are interesting but only enroll in the ones I need for a specific purpose. I went throuh Phil Eibner’s series on Youtube projects. It was very helpful. He is one of the better teachers and actually runs a separate online video school. **

<i>How do you like Premiere Pro, Raven? Is it easy to use? Yesterday I saw that Prime has an offer of Photoshop/Premiere Elements bundle for 49 EUR. I downloaded the Premiere Elements test version but I guess that there is quite some difference in the UI, not just the features. Not sure I can do anything else with Elements that I can’t do with the apps I have.</i>

** I really enjoy Premiere.

The first time I opened it, I was overwhelmed and closed it immediately!

The next time I opened it I had a tutorial, from Skillshare, that talked me through a simple project.

To me Premiere becomes more and more intuitive, like using Photoshop. And I like that it will talk to some many other Adobe programs easily. So many people use it that there are also plenty of online tutorials available for free.**

<i> _Do you have experience with other video editing software? I don’t have access to Adobe Cloud software, it’s quite expensive if you don’t have a business to create income with it, and I don’t like the yearly commitment without a business._</i>

** I have heard people reference Final Cut Pro and iMovie a lot.

They say iMovie is a way to start making videos without a large investment.

And people often talk about the only barrier to switching between Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere is the learning curve. Once you’ve learned one software package it is hard to start over and invest time to learn when you would rather just create **

Thanks for bringing back some focus.

CU later today 🙂

** Thank you for all the almost questions. I feel like I should copy and paste this into Evernote and use for blog or video content in the future. But most importantly it was great to just “talk it out”.

See you soon **