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June 13, 2016 at 12:04 am #6348
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So if one wants to use the videos 1) on Youtube and 2) embedded on ones website (most important) it might not be the most helpful thing to point to the description box and use all the bells and whistles YT offers, I guess, after reading your comment, Raven …

Thank you for the recommendation of the Video Creators though, I’ll check out the channel. Looks like a good resource so far. After a weekend watching Skillshare I feel a bit overwhelmed of the quantity and underwhelmed of most content’s quality. And I want to keep my focus on my blog and my sketchnote (video) learning too (for a while).

How do you like Premiere Pro, Raven? Is it easy to use? Yesterday I saw that Prime has an offer of Photoshop/Premiere Elements bundle for 49 EUR. I downloaded the Premiere Elements test version but I guess that there is quite some difference in the UI, not just the features. Not sure I can do anything else with Elements that I can’t do with the apps I have.

Do you have experience with other video editing software? I don’t have access to Adobe Cloud software, it’s quite expensive if you don’t have a business to create income with it, and I don’t like the yearly commitment without a business.

Thanks for bringing back some focus.

CU later today 🙂