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June 12, 2016 at 6:15 pm #6347
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@Melanie: Thank you for the feedback. I went back and forth on how big to make that video inset. It sounds like it was large enough since it kept your interest 🙂

The bio/credibility sounds like an important piece I overlooked. I don’t even have that on the course sign up page.

This is not completed or live yet:

I use Adobe Premiere from the Creative Cloud packet to edit.

And the specific call to action will be in the descriptions. I need to learn to say “visit the comments” or “look below this video” because I want these videos to be on YT and my blog. Kind of like how Doug has a blog post to go with each video.

I have been watching the Video Creators YT channel. It has lots of good information on building a good video strategy and process.

I am not sure yet how much I want to tailor an approach for YT. I don’t want to get lost in the rabbit hole of only building content for their platform. My main goal is

So I need to revisit and plan my time accordingly. ArtfulDevo still doesn’t have all the foundation in place so I don’t want to invest in other stuff too much right now.

In conclusion, I want to use Social Media to direct people to my site. So I need to make sure I have my site built first 🙂 I can learn about social media as I go but that can not become my complete focus. It’s hard because there is so much to learn and it is all so exciting.

See you in the V2V Practice session on Monday.

@kiwitexan: Thank you Jill. I love how sharing in the forum brings new light from different angles! Great feedback.