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May 31, 2016 at 8:56 am #6237
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Reporting in on my first Fiverr gig.

The biggest pros:
* It gave me a chance to refine a workflow for creating commission work from provided notes
* It was a painful lesson on undervaluing my time
* It gave me a chance to gain multiple good reviews on Fiverr

My process:
1. Sketchnote by squares on non-reproducible blue grid paper.
Sample of Fiverr Work for feedback

This would make it easier to put items together later in Photoshop. The grids also help me keep items relatively the same scale. Also beginning this way allowed for a margin of error. It relieved pressure from making sure everything would fit the first time.

2. Scanned the grid and then rearranged items in separate photoshop layers. Then print.
Sample of Fiverr Work for feedback

Specifically because this was for a course on uncluttering, the grid method help me produce what I think is a clean design. My client was happy.

3. Add color to the print out, rescan as a PDF, adjust levels, and deliver
Sample of Fiverr Work for feedback

This is a photograph of the colored in sketchnote. The client actually received a much cleaner (brighter) image high res PDF. Coloring by hand let me keep that hand drawn feel and another chance to closely proofread. I don’t have a tablet to digitally draw on pdfs but I still like the effect my constrains created.

By the end of this project I have saved presets for levels and colors in photoshop. I can reuse them for future jobs.

There were a few revisions on some of the pages. I created eight in total. Because I had these in separate layers on photoshop it was easy to rearrange the page if items needed to be removed or added.

I used to track my time and learned that I invested quite a bit in this project over the last week or so:
Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 11.41.05 AM

More time than on my personal projects.

What I can’t show you, from the free version of Toggl, is that page 1 took twice as long as page 6. So I did get more efficient as time progressed.

The trick is to remember my workflow and not waste time reinventing the wheel should I accept another offer.