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March 13, 2015 at 10:34 pm #617
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A talk on sketchnotes for beginners, unfortunately in German, but the icons and elements they draw are unversal, and the talk guided me to Doug, so I thought, I’d share anyways.
* re:publica 2014 – Sketchnotes für Einsteiger:
At least worth a short look: How to draw expressions without beeing an artist:

* Extra – Tip: You can directly link to a position in a Youtube Video by adding &t=xxxx , where xxxx is the number of seconds you want to skip.
* Extra, extra tip (I bet, even Doug doesn’t now that 😉 ): I just found out exploring, that entering a simple url to a Youtube video on it’s own line without any extra markup displays the Video embedded instead of printing the link.