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March 13, 2015 at 6:59 pm #613
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Like you, tournevis, my optimum choice of implement is a fountain pen that can virtually lie in the space between by thumb and forefinger and only needs to be gently guided rather than held (I have RSI) – and moleskine is very much first choice as paper option – A5 plain paper and A4 ruled.But also Rollbahn A4 gridded spiral which I love as it is easily worked in both landscape and portrait. With the kind of notes I take now & brainstorming I use a lot of thicker colour for headings or to create boxes within which to write. My favourites are Faber Castell Pitt’s artist pens – bold. These are also weighty enough to just need to be guided. I have also been doing little six panel cartoon drawings that reflect aspects of the writing process. For these I use a cheap spiral A6 (index card size) artists’ sketchbook and a 0.3 black Copic multiliner – but these are really tiny drawings and I think I’d like to find a broader pen for sketch-notes, something kinder for faster work, and also something that stands out more. From time to time I use a whiteboard – love the spaciousness of it and the broad strokes. Great for brainstorming.