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@am_squirrel: That’s so interesting! I wonder if that could be a section where our notes are displayed 4 up


I looked back at the titles of some of our past webinars. Maybe we can use those to illustrate the four sections. Either we find posted notes from those sharing sections and/or create space for more to be added in those subsections.

* Challenge #11 on Text Me

* CSS Challenge/Workshop

* Add Commentary

Challenge #18: Adding Commentary To Your Visual Notes

* Flowcharts

Challenge #12: How To Make Toast

Workshop #33: Flowcharts For The Win

* Sharing Sketchnotes

Workshop #39: Sketchnoting With The Share In Mind

* Visual Accountability

Webinar Workshop 29: Visual Accountability Tools

* Sketchnote System

Week 26: The Four Working Parts Of A Sketchnoting System

* Pictogram It

Challenge #4: Pictogram It

* Characters & Caricatures

Challenge #6: Face The Quote

Workshop #37: Creating Characters That Add Commentary & Personality To Your Visual Notes

* Comic Effects

Workshop #38: Adding Comic Book Effects To Your Visual Notes

* Pens with Purpose

Challenge #17: Pens With A Purpose

* Make it Pop

Challenge #16: Make It Pop

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