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May 22, 2016 at 6:14 am #6070
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Hi Colin,

I think you’re on to something. I’ll try out Procreate in similar situations. My workflow is pretty simple. I draft a sketchnote in my Leuchtturm notebook after preparing the page with a 16:9 aspect-ratio outline. I take a photo of the resulting sketch and add it as a layer set to 20% opacity in Illustrator. Then, I trace the image with a 2-point basic brush, sometimes varying the thickness a bit between 2 and 7 points. To allow for zooming in the resulting VideoScribe, I divide the sketch into nine artboards and trace section by section. After tracing, I throw away the layer and add a new layer for blob-brush coloring. I export the resulting image as SVG and add it to VideoScribe.

When VideoScribe is done rendering the video (I export in MOV format at 1080p), I do some post production in Final Cut Pro X, adding an intro and outtro, maybe some overlays, and retiming sections of the VideoScribe if needed.

What’s your workflow?

Kind regards,