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May 13, 2016 at 9:00 am #5973
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This conversation is reminding me of a really good book I read a while back, when I was doing more freelance work – Design is a Job by Mike Montiero: I’d consider that a must-read for anyone interested in (or already) making money from their sketchnoting skills.

Tam – your question about contracts is what triggered my memory of that book because he covers that topic. I actually never used contracts unless the company who hired me put one together – I just charged half of the fee up front. But if I were to jump full-time into that world, I would start using contracts consistently – both from a protect-my-rights perspective and to simply be more professional about it all.

I have the feeling that Brandy Agerbeck addressed at least some of these issues in her book – The Graphic Facilitator’s Guide. So if you don’t have that yet it’s worth picking up:

Here’s RSA: They are how I first came across whiteboard videos – their black and red capture of TED Talks.

Regarding the sketchnote video course – I’m trying to get that out as soon as I can. Sorry I can’t be more specific yet, but if there’s a particular question that you have (or set of questions) I’d be happy to answer them right now.