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May 12, 2016 at 11:02 am #5946
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Hi Tam,

Thanks for starting this topic! It’s an important one that I’m sure others are wondering about as well.

The day rate you mentioned for in-person graphic recording is in alignment with what I’ve heard as well – $1,000 per day at a minimum, very reasonable up to $2,500 with experience. I’ve heard graphic facilitators working all the way up to $5,000 per day.

To figure out a half-day rate I’d pick a percentage of your full-day rate that feels right – maybe 60-65% since the amount of prep and post might be comparable to a full-day gig.

For live-sketchnoting webinars (remotely, I’m assuming) an hourly rate might make more sense if the webinar is between 1-3 hours, that takes into account your prep and post work. For freelancing in general, I think $50 per hour is a minimum, and $100 per hour for live-sketchnoting work seems reasonable.

For video work, somewhere around $1000 per minute of final video is a decent starting point (I think I once heard the RSA folks charge $10,000 per minute, just in case you need to provide a reference point). I’m actually starting to experiment with doing contracted sketchnote videos as well – I’m starting at $750 per minute but I’ll increase that after the first gig and from there do some calibration over time to see what the market is willing to pay.

I’ve also heard folks that have a corporate rate and then a non-profit rate (that’s maybe 80% of the corporate rate).

Those are my thoughts for now! Hope that helps.

I encourage others to jump in with their own experiences and questions too!