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May 5, 2016 at 8:16 pm #5850
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This weekend I will Sketchnote a conference. It’s the first time that my purpose is to share the notes with other attendees. The organizers, that asked me to note take, we’re kind enough to not promise or advertise the sketchnotes. I crack under pressure 🙁

So as I prepare my notebooks for the weekend I have put a couple of completed sketchnotes in the front of each book. It’s just a reminder to myself that this is doable. I can do it.

Getting ready for sketchnoting a conference tomorrow by putting completed sketchnotes in the front each notebook.  Reminding myself that "I can do it" in case I suddenly feel pressure.

Also I was confident in understanding my process. I like to refine my notes and sometimes even redo them. That gave me confidence to let the conference committee know I would not upload notes immediately after someone speaks.