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April 28, 2016 at 6:52 pm #5763
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Thank you V to V family.

Just wanted to share the progress but didn’t know if V2V or the Learn in Public forum was the best place.

So here’s the sketchnoting part.

I haven’t gotten into the digital sketching process yet (mainly because I don’t have a tablet) but I did find a way to feed my crafty side while working on my online workshop.

I decided to old school cut and paste my slides:
Rehearsal Workshop

I sketchnoted the guide for my online workshop. I made a copy of it and went to town with the scissors, glue and a stack of unused postcards (for fun backgrounds).

I have a second camera (my iPhone on a tripod) set up so I would switch to that camera as we came to a new section:
Rehearsal Workshop

It turned out pretty well, and I think adds more of my personality into the presentation.

The second camera also allowed me to switched easily to the art part of my workshop:
Rehearsal Workshop

There are still tons of kinks to work out, but I am feeling more confident.

I love growing more proficient in the different ways to share ideas while still staying me.