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April 27, 2016 at 4:09 am #5735
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I uploaded the files to my Google Drive but my crew couldn’t download it.
So I will use Dropbox for my next rehearsal. Yep, I’m doing two!

My plan is to keep engagement by making a fill in the blank guide.

I tried live drawing in on my worksheet and using paper slides.
Dress Rehearsal of Workshop

It seemed to work better when I had the slide ready to go. I would stop talking if I was writing 🙁
And I didn’t like my handwriting.

I showed slides by reserving a seat for my cell phone and keeping it on a gooseneck tripod
Dress Rehearsal of Workshop

My cell phone goes in the white clamp, but it’s not pictured because I used it to take the picture :/
In retrospect I could have put an iPod in the clamp for effect 🙂

So that’s one big puzzle of the presentation fixed. After an A/B testing of working with the guide I know how to get the guide in attendees hands and how I will present the answers to the fill in the blanks.

Thank you my V2V friends. In yesterday’s feedback I shared with y’all how nervous I was and so didn’t feel the need to let my rehearsal crew know my stomach was in knots until AFTER the workshop. They said they couldn’t tell. Woo Hoo!