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April 22, 2016 at 7:37 pm #5671
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This is great Raven – something I have been looking at “restoring” too – I did mindmap styles of the Book of Mark, Acts, 1 Chronicles (sadly that one was lost in Mexico so have to do it again) – and some of John (I had forgotten about John until I looking through the notebook again recently). –

Here is something to encourage you – when my Mother died (1991) – Dad died 18 months prior to that) I spent some time at my sister’s before returning to the States. She was always in to educational things – and had a few books on her shelf about Accelerated Learning – and of course Tony Buzan’a book on mindmaps was amoung them. I tried mindmapping out on Mark and Chronicles.

It was a stressful time – with the business Mum and Dad had – all the things needed to settle after their deaths – they were my strongest team and backup on the mission field – etc.

One night in bed, my mind was very stressed – and suddenly I realized I was not thinking quite right. Wow – I thought this is not good – then proceeded to go through the chapters of Chronicles following in my mind the diagrams I had sketched out – and before getting to the last chapter my mind was completely clear!! There is power in visualizing the Word of God!