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April 15, 2016 at 6:43 pm #5618
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Hello Caroline-Isabelle,

Thank you for sharing your video and notes. I admire that you are incorporating these into your class. I took several online courses as part of my undergrad and graduate degrees and I would have appreciated videos like these. The thing I missed the most when taking online classes was the live lecture experience of the traditional face-to-face setting.

I work at a college (a small, community college) and have shared my personal experience from the online “student” perspective with various committees I have been on, trying to encourage the use of more videos in our online courses. A perspective on this that I had not considered thoroughly is accommodations for students with visual and/or auditory impairments. It appears you plan to address that somewhat with your video transcripts. If I understand correctly, you work at a university, right? If so, I’m curious to know if your department of disabilities services is assisting with production of your videos. Are there additional accommodations that they want included?

I didn’t feel you were speaking too fast in the video. I’m from the Southern U.S. and I know we are known for our sweet, southern drawls (haha) but I felt you’re speed was just right. The video was a little blurry for me, but that likely is because of my slow internet connection. I guess my internet is Southern too!