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As per the end of our discussion today, here is how brainstorms differ from brain dumps for me. Brainstorms for me happen when I have a point to make, for example, but I don’t know how to make it. Or, for another example, I have ideas and a hypothesis, but don’t know how to organize them. So I iterate, again, and again, and again, and I mess up, until I get it ok. Then I might even get it right. Attached is an example of my sketchnote for Unit 2 of the course. I knew I had four points to convey and a chronology to impart. I figured, I think, how to show both the points and the chronology after 5 tries. It still needs tweaking, but it’s there.

Brain dumps are that: There is a mess of things, ideas, stuff, flashes, images, all mushed together, no order, no organization about a project. I need to find a way to make all this make any sense. So I take a pack of index cards and write it all down one by one. Three, four words, an icon, a number, one per index card, and I do that for as long as things come out. Then, later, I sort and prioritize. I put like with like into piles, I identify what is what (with an icon, with a colour code) and then I can plot a text, a projet, a presentation. The picture below is the pile of cards for the presentation I’ll be giving next week from Moncton. I *may* be able to join next week’s webinar, depending on how long the post-conference lunch lasts.

So this is it for me.

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