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April 12, 2016 at 10:26 am #5581
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The last month has been insane. I have been out of town for half of the month, in Seattle and Qu├ębec City. I was sick for part of my time in Seattle. My parents are moving. And I was shooting module one of my course. Because the course is bilingual, I have to do everything twice, once in French, once in English: two sketchnotes, two sketchnote vids, two versions of all the lesson videos (2×3 for module 1), two quizzes. I had equipment trouble, so I had to scrap about a 1/2h of footage. It’s been insane.

BUT, module 1 is done, and I’ll be shooting the course intro vids (module 0) later today and those should be quick. I should be joining you all on Friday. I was sad I had to miss the workshop on April 1st, because I really would have liked to discuss my work spaces, but hey, I was moving my parents out of their condo.

Below is the Module 1 sketchnotes (blue for French and red for English; so very Canadian), and a link to the Module 1 sketchnote vid in English (please don’t share it outside this community):

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