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March 28, 2016 at 10:04 pm #5452
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Raven, this may be late as you may already have ventured to sketchnoting live. My suggestion is to start with a promise to yourself that “live” can be text only. Start your first live session by focusing on layout, text size and font and sequencing (if an icon or two sneak in fine but decide that it is ok to just do text for your first live session) and just use one colour. Second time out introduce a second colour – that’s it. Third time out think ahead of icons that are likely to occur in the context of whatever you are going to sketchnote and decide on three icons prior to your session – use the 3 icons (repeats in different sizes and places are OK). Now you have 3 times under your belt. I always give myself permission to just use text (remember WORD is way more important that a SENTENCE) – one can always go back and add in icons later. I hope this helps – by the look of the sketchnotes you have posted you are really ready!