Reply To: Challenge – week #8 #formbetterhabits

March 11, 2016 at 10:05 am #5318
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I didn’t have the energy to do any other sketchnote this week, but I want to spend the time before our pre-webinar talk to think about your questions, Ana.

How I would sketch a ritual: something involving a circle with an arrow and a calendar, maybe the action for the ritual in the middle, the round arrow around it, with a little space in it and the calendar. If it’s ritual in the sense of habit, I would be fine with it. A more “holy” ritual could be a ring of arrows with the “holy” symbol between the arrows. That would picture the repetition.

If you struggle with the structure of your sketchnote, you could develop a template and use that for a while. The template has a specific place for title, speaker, date and your signature, and of course enough space left for the talk. I am working on something like that right now and will show it later.