Reply To: Challenge – week #8 #formbetterhabits

March 11, 2016 at 5:42 am #5301
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I’ve done a podcast sketchnote and one talk from the playlist – Judson Brewer’s. I did both in one go, immediately with the marker. I used only black and red one (same size/fine tip) – that was my intentional constraint.

I have a feeling like in the podcast sketchnote the title is too big. Does anybody else have the same feeling/impression? I think I could/should do better images, but that’s my struggle otherwise it wouldn’t be fun. My question/looking for an idea – how to visualise the word ‘ritual’ ?

In a sketchnote for Brewer’s talk, I’m debating should I put a divider between the title and the rest of the sketchnote. I had small spelling problems which doesn’t bother me. But somehow I’m missing the flow. Everything looks like it’s piled up there.

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