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February 29, 2016 at 1:13 am #5092
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These are the sketchnotes of last week’s Monday session – “Get the move done” – aligning the tasks ahead with my year-long words/values.

Some parts are already completed. The planning, as far as possible, at least. The move – in parts, as my mother moved into the home for elderly people already on Thursday, as the stress took its toll on her. Luckily, she is doing fine again. Now I need to tackle all the stuff and how my mother deals with the change for the long term.

What’s missing is a sketchnote about the health aspect. This is what I’ll be doing this week. Recovering and getting out into the fresh air. Having some kind of social life … Sketchnoting, reading, sleeping, praying, eating well, drinking enough. Keeping up the good habits that give me strength.

I like my sketchnotes. They were made without thinking long, more intuitively. Using only three markers (fine marker black, gray brush marker, orange big one) let me focus on contents and still gave the sketchnotes a distinct look.

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