Reply To: Challenge – week #4 "Trees and Networks"

February 12, 2016 at 10:28 am #4965
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Love your sketches Jill and Melanie

I started drawing the tree to see how things come up in my life .. but soon enough I got a need to interweave the branches so I switched to a network model .. it is like a mind map but if I could spend more time on it there would definitely be more branches/nodes .. some, like lettering, poped in my head when I saw your skechnote Melanie ..
Because there is a clear need to clear my head, I tried to do the exercise from last webinar and draw my daily routine. I want to work on it and to update my tree/network model. Maybe then I’ll have a better picture of what and how I can achieve things. With today’s webinar topic everything goes in that direction 🙂

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