Reply To: Challenge – week #4 "Trees and Networks"

February 12, 2016 at 8:55 am #4945
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My tree sketches …

The first one is a doodle of how I see myself grow and develop this year. Plant a seedling, water it, it grows into a tree, the rings symbolize the experience. Then I decide what special needs I have to work on, add that to the “water”, practice and grow etc. until I can harvest the fruits of my work. I have had this image in my mind since December and finally I sketched it.

The second one is inspired by a tree in the video. This is my plan how I want to achieve what I sketched out in the doodle. With each quarter of the year I grow and learn new skills that will lead to a business plan – and a business of course! This could be much more detailed for sure, but I run a bit out of time.

Hopefully I will be able to add my network sketch later. Somehow I find that the networks I see are so complicated that I need software to develop them, like bigger mindmaps or family trees. We’ll see.

Looking forward to talking to you all later!

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