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March 11, 2015 at 3:05 am #493
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My goal is similar to Dominik’s number 3s — using visual notes to illustrate my blog.

Goal: Visual content to share what I’ve learned from books in ways that are effective, persuasive, and appealing

Context: Make visual notes of a book within 24 hours of finishing it. Create a second, prettier version of the visual notes to use as an illustration at the time I write the book review blog post.

Outcome: A process that is quick, easy, and fun enough that I’m willing to post one or two visual notes a week on my blog — with the hope that these will make my blog posts and the accompanying social media more attractive to potential readers.

As I was going through this exercise, something a bit deeper emerged as well. I identified a long-term desire for a more visually rich life (the evidence: a whole stack of scrapbook / art journal / drawing books that I own, even though I do none of these things). I want to notice good design around me and let it inspire my own work. That seems a bit abstract for a goal, but it’s fueling my motivation so I want to make note of it.