Reply To: Challenge – week #3 "Resistance"

February 4, 2016 at 8:59 am #4892
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Here are my versions for the second talk. At first my pen refused to cooperate and I felt a little mad because I know exactly what I want to draw, but couldn’t do it so fast so I only made quick notes. (gilbert_01)
I stared to play around with the things that I want to incorporate and explore a little. (gilbert_02)
Finally I made a digital sketchnote of the talk. (gilbert_03) Still learning about the tool (more through try and error then systematically so I do get frustrated at moments). I need to make a grid structure as a default layer – I think that would help when I’m lettering and learn how to cut pieces and move them around. Happy with the hurricane (some weird brush).
This was a short talk, but a lot of work 🙂

Melanie, good choices regarding the talks. I see that you have more images this time 🙂

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