Reply To: Challenge – week #3 "Resistance"

February 2, 2016 at 9:52 am #4867
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Thank you all for your kind words ..

I rarely use my Wacom tablet although I’m trying to use it more often.
So far I tried Mischief that has infinitive canvas but it’s not great when zooming. No vector support also.
This was my first use of Sketchbook. It’s pretty intuitive so I like it. I’m planning to spend some time learning/playing with the brushes.
My ultimate goal is to conquer Adobe Illustrator.

As far as analogue vs digital, I’m experimenting with both. I like the possibilities of copy/paste, layering etc, in the digital world. I hate that I need to sit to work on my tablet while I can grab my notebook and pen and be anywhere. For me there is still no clear winner.

Regarding the Friday I’m leaning toward 8pm because I like to go to bed earlier. I’m not sure that I’ll be awake till 11. But if this is a problem or the majority wants to have it an hour before the classroom, I’ll adjust or skip (If I’ll be too tired).