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January 4, 2016 at 3:50 pm #4490
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I tried to post in the Text Chat, but it wasn’t going through. Perhaps, my log is a better place for this post, anyway.

Hello! I’m back after a long absence and everything looks very different!

Visual note-taking keeps coming up in my ideas for the New Year and Visual Accountability Tools is a great topic for me!

You asked what tools I might use and here are some that I’m considering:

The Emergent Task Planner™

I’ve also been working through my various projects and areas of focus in visual ways — mind maps, mostly, but also formatted notes, color-coded calendars, and post-it notes on a white board.

I don’t feel fully settled on much of anything and I may want many of these going at once (perhaps I need some kind of master list to keep track of all of them). That’s okay. It takes a lot of structure to get me to do what I claim I want to do. If it takes multiple types of notes, lists, grids, progress reports, and the like to get me to meet my goals, that’s fine with me.