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March 10, 2015 at 3:59 am #419
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Hi Denise, Like you I am a teacher. I spent 25 years in public schools, first as a teacher of junior high language arts and reading and then as a school librarian. I finished a doctorate in 2000 and started teaching at the university level, which is what I do now. Like you I left drawing behind at some point. One big thing was that my online life took over, because our program is online and I teach tech related courses. But I agree with you about stationery stores. I am going to be in downtown Houston on Wednesday for a doctor appointment and I drive right by a very big art supply store. I have been looking forward to going in and picking up some things. I am going to tell myself that I am NOT an impostor. I really need a new sketch book and some other things. After my big day in the city I’ll report back what I get! Oh and I do know that THE CITY normally means NYC. I have taken travel study classes to NYC on 4-5 different occasions. I love to visit!