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October 21, 2015 at 3:53 am #3530
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Coco, I am a long time GTD fan (although not following the method true to the word), and I don’t think that this sketched to-do list is very GTD like. But I suppose that wasn’t the intention anyway. As I see it, it’s a quick and friendly 2-5 minute exercise to build your visual vocabulary, just by sketching the to-dos. To-dos are usually available in everyones life, so if you need a topic to practice, there you go! The sketching itself is part of a project – learning a new skill by practicing. Put that in Nozbe instead and don’t overthink it. Getting lost in details is a quick way to fall off the productivity wagon. Happened to me all the time 😉 I have my to-dos in my regular notebook, but for some days I prefer an extra list, adding even mundane tasks. Actually, the more I think about this, the more I like the idea. I would file the sheets in my sketchnotes folder for reference, by the way.

My current “system” consists of a Moleskine weekly notebook (let’s call it MWN) and my iPhone calendar. I don’t have many appointments, but I like reminders, that’s the advantage of the electronic device. The MWN has a calendar on the left side and a notebook page on the right side. I divide this page vertically (either by folding it once to the middle or just by thinking a virtual line). The left column is used for tasks to be done on a specific day, so it’s put next to that day of course. The right column is used for tasks due that week without a deadline (from top to bottom) and waiting-fors due that week without a deadline (bottom to top). I don’t have many waiting-fors either, so I use that space also for general notes. Room for sketches might be limited, but I am not sure I would bother. Whatever I add to my MWN must be added quickly. I still could add sketches afterwards if I wanted though.

Another use of the general idea of sketching lists is to sketch your grocery or packing list. Need to practice sketching books? Sketch a list of your favorite (or to-read) books. GTD supports lists a lot, like the one day/maybe list. This seems to be a very nice list to sketch, wouldn’t it? Like a vision board kind of thing.

Hopefully some of my thoughts are helpful.

Cheers to you too,